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To whom it may concern,

Seven years ago, Power Systems West was engaged to perform the maintenance and repairs of the critical power back-up generators for [Symantec’s] Springfield, Oregon campus. During this time, all quarterly building load testing, as well as annual load bank and maintenance processes, have been performed with a professional approach by Power Systems West.

We have also had to perform a major repair to a radiator, and the replacement of the DMC controller. This required portable co-generation units to be brought on site and tied into the facilities infrastructure.

Power Systems West has never been unable to diagnose or resolve any of the issues that have come up – most of the time during inconvenient after-hours time frames. They have always handled them with precision. This type of professionalism is why I would recommend Power Systems West to anyone who is looking for a professional organization to manage their critical back-up power systems, start to finish.


Paul Abdon
Chief Engineer
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
As Managing Agent for Symantec

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